Custom Rubix Cubes

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MOQ: 200pcs


Material: Plastic
Dimension: 5.7cm cube and 3.7cm cube for keychain 

Ordinarily, puzzled faces don't bode well in advertising. But with thesePersonalized Custom Rubix Cubes, those expressions translate into the long-term focus on your message!

Rubix Cubes were all the rage in the 1980s but the fascination has never truly died down. Expose clients to your logo by having it printed all over these 9-panel puzzle cube. It's never been easier to incorporate fun and games into your marketing efforts! Get on people's good sides by encouraging them to enjoy your brand name to its fullest. is one of the leading corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore which provides the most affordable customised products in SingaporeOrder these Personalized Custom Rubix Cubes from us and get the guaranteed lowest prices ever!